GE, AMI and Farewell Dinner

This last post is about our final two days of the program. Yesterday we visited GE aviation where they manufacture and assemble agricultural plane engines. They bought out a failing company in 2008 in order to enter the turboprop market. It was interesting to hear how they integrated the company, and the difficulties they had teaching a new way of management, because they were still used to the communistic way of management. It is essentially a new company with the deep pockets of a large company, which gives them a big advantage in entering a new market.

Today we visited AMI Communications, which is a PR company for the government and the corporate world of the Czech Republic and Slovakia. PR has to be done a little differently here, because of their history with the Iron Curtain, the people are very skeptical of what they are told by the government. It was interesting to hear a different perspective, and learning about their innovative techniques in order to be so successful in this line of work.

The rest of the afternoon we wandered around and explored the city. This is our last day and the weather was great, so we grabbed a map and just started walking. Tonight we had our farewell dinner near our hotel at a very elegant restaurant, certainly a nice change of pace from the kebab shops. It was a nice dinner for all of us to be together and reflect on all that we have done and learned thus far.

On behalf of our group, I want to thank all of the faculty, staff and donors that made this unbelievable experience possible. This is a trip we will never forget, and has been a great learning and networking experience.


The Bone Church

Today was our day trip to Kuntas Hora, a town about an hour drive from Prague. They are most famous for the bone church that sits in the middle of a cemetery. The church is very eerie inside, and is decorated with four mounds of real human bones, a chandelier made of bones, and several […]

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Today we made our long journey to Prague in the Czech Republic. Despite traveling all day, we had a guided tour of the castle complex across the river. Prague has a very rich history, and their architecture shows that, from the 13th century bridges to the castle complex to the cobblestone streets. The main attraction […]

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Studying in Stuttgart

Today was our cultural tour of Stuttgart with our guide . Our first stop was the Museum Der Bildenden Kunste, which is the local art museum and has a lot of famous paintings from original Picassos to Andy Warhol. Despite the stereotype of Germany being a beer country, Stuttgart has a long history of wine, […]

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Kpunkt and Mercedes

Today was our visit to Kpunkt and Mercedes. The first visit was a technology marketing company, which is a small company of only twenty employees. They do both internal and external marketing of technical products. We were especially interested in their stories about the cultural issues they have to deal with, and as we learned […]

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Today was our early train ride to Stuttgart. It is a smaller city than Munich, only the sixth largest city of Germany, but the number one cultural city of the country. Our tour was of DLR a German space reasearch center that specializes in testing equipment. Our tour consisted of three lab tours of their […]

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Today was our visit to the famous Bavarian Motor Works, or as the world knows it, BMW. We had both a company visit and a plant tour to help us a learn about their company. Both experiences gave us a great background of the company and their future. They gave us a little insight into […]

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The Exploration of GE Labs

Today was our corporate meeting with GE research laboratories. A couple of us have worked in the R&D field and some have had internships with different divisions of GE, so we could really relate to this visit. Being an R&D facility, he stressed the importance of innovation; however, it was quite different from Google’s way. […]

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A Dreary Day in Dachau

Today was our trip to Dachau, a concentration camp just outside Munich. The dreary weather was very appropriate for the atmosphere of the place, because this is where tens of thousands of people were murdered. This particular camp was a work camp and used as a distribution center to other subsidiary camps used mainly to […]

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Today was a travel day to Munich. We met the guide and ate at a local brewery, which was a great meal. Unfortunately it was bad weather, but we were able to see the famous Hofbrauhaus. Also Bayren Munich won their championship cup, so there was a huge celebration in town. Most Germans are very […]

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